Wednesday, January 5, 2011

catching the light...

summer in australia is startling.
the light is bright.
it is healing.
it warms ones soul.
bronzes the skin.
the light encourages
ice cream adventures,
drives in the country,
monarch butterflies to flit about,
children to want to be in water all day,
chilled drinks that clink with ice,
late nights,
and a desire to catch it in a photograph.



Jen said...

Beautiful photo!

Michele from Pipi La La said...

I am guessing you are not in all the rain and flooding from that beautiful picture and lovely words!?

Bev said...

oh my gosh, i so wish i was there. i am not a winter girl, love summer best.
thank you for you kind, encouraging words on my blog always know the right thing to say...
hugs and love...


hi there

Thank you for your comments over at BPS class.
yes it is wonderful to meet someone else who is sharing the same "word". It did take me some time to find me word. But I don't know why since my name first name in Spanish actually means light.

I love your blog you have some wonderful photos. And your LIGHT page turned out faulous!!! Great use of your children's artwork.

eva diva said...

Sigh..What beautiful prose. I want to go out and dance barefoot on green grass after reading this.

Happy new year to you Dana, may you sparkle more and shine your light this year!

danasparkle said...

thank you for your comments