Friday, January 7, 2011

ever get yourself in a tangle about things?

i went and saw this Disney movie today.
Go see it. It is not just for children.
It is for everyone who has ever been
torn apart by a choice,
has had to trust in themselves,
has rolled their eyes at their mother,
has had an impossible dream,
has longed for love,
and loves beauty.

This is a movie for little girls of all ages.
Remember our hearts don't grow old like the rest of us.

All a girl needs is a skillet,
a chameleon,
lots of magic hair
and a little bit of courage.

Letting go and trusting our inner knowing,
moving towards a dream,
even when we are scared and
don't know what it will look like at the dream,
we must dream.
Little ones,
secret ones,
BIG dreams or grand affairs,
whatever they are get them,
list them,
whisper them,
wish them.
Its where the love is revealed,
the magic,
the divine,
the peace.
Its all there waiting for us.

my favourite scene was the one below with the lanterns.
what if our dreams were like the lanterns
illuminating the world and our individual lives.
not all the time but in glimpses, moments,
during a cup of tea, as dawn breaks,
in just enough time to remind us
to let go,
have faith
and just be......
may your tangles unravel
may your dreams float around you
and inspire you to reach, for them.
let down your hair,
relax and save yourself from yourself.
enjoy the movie...


Jen said...

I loved Tangled, especially the lantern scene. I adore your post!

Teena said...

most stunning and insightful ... may your dreams unravel before you Dana ... have a lantern filled weekend

Brandi Reynolds said...

I find the most inspiration in 'kids' movies. I can't wait to see it!

Sleepandhersisters said...

Lovely post...

My Son {Ben 5} chose to go and see "Tangled" and we both really enjoyed it.

It was very funny and I too loved the visual feast as the lanterns rose into the sky, just beautiful.

♥ haze ♥ said...

♥ i hope they can film that in here in the Philippines :)

btw, you have such a nice blog! :)


Oh that's a wonderful photo.
Well I'm almost there, I've got the hair (not magical though) and, the skillet, plenty of courage, now if I can get my hands on a chameleon, I'd be all set!!!

Thanks for sharing this lovely post. I've heard nothing but good things about this movie--so I most go see it now!

Great "light" moment.