Sunday, January 2, 2011


like many of you , "the one little word" project has inspired a search for a word. one word to provide focus, raise our consciousness and inspire the 365 days of the year.
last year my word was illusive. it took me 17 tricky days till "receive" came to me. it was a good word. a hard word, for me. i forgot it a lot. i was often not gracious in my receiving. but with practice, i got a bit better at it over the year.

this year my word came to me early. i often get clear thoughts just before i go to sleep. i go through things in my head so i can get to sleep, sometimes it is inspired in that sleepy, relaxed state just before i float off to dreamland. i got up again and wrote down what i could. and here i am.

tonight i was catching up and read ali's entry about her word for '11. i was a bit freaked out to see we have chosen the same word. LIGHT.

little coincidences like this make me excited. make me happy. remind me how interconnected we all really are. then i thought. what if all the people who chose LIGHT got together and lit up the world with their love, intention, attention and dreams. that would be super cool. and i guess that would be true for any word, really. anyway with our words and hopes for the year set it is happening and there will be a few more sparks of light all over the world.

one word. one light. one hope. one connection after another. joins us all.

one is a small number, yet infinite when you put lots of ones together!
oh, the power of one!!

this year will be full of ones. 2011. '11. the date was 1.1.11. the time was 11:11 1.1.11.
next week will be 11.1.11. so many ones. so many times and dates to focus on our one little word. light up the word with your word. i look forward to seeing your year unfold....



Bev said...

and a bright light you are...thank you for always sparkling in my life...
happy new year...

Jen said...

I love your writing. You definitely sparkle whenever you appear in my life. Your one light is bright =)