Sunday, January 5, 2014


How was your 2013? 
Mine was busy. i was growing.
I cannot believe a year has passed without any posts from my sparkling & twirling self.

I achieved most of the things on my list for 2013. However my creative pursuits (writing & painting) were on the back burner as i started full time work, finished my studies, commenced and completed the renovations on the kitchen and living space in our home within 3months, acquired a new (2nd hand) car and received a purple bike for my birthday with matching "nutcase" helmet. 
After the depression of being in an identity void for a few months with no one wanting to employ me, i bounced back to my sparky self once the call came and someone wanted me to work for them. 
I was over the moon. Once i landed, i tackled the role with enthusiasm and  creativity. Often not leaving any energy or spark for the other parts of my life. However i knew this was just an adjusting phase and eventually i would put my focus on my love of art. Most of this year has been about developing my professional abilities and reputation, exploring and championing using art in a non-traditional art industry. I managed a project which brought people and artists together and then altogether we developed and painted a mural on the external wall of the office building where i work. cool. 
Many if the events i created, i chose venues and spaces which were creative and inspired. Even if no one else liked them i LOVED them, most did. I have flourished in my capacities in bringing my "sparkle & twirl" view of the world into a rigid and regimented work place. 

2014 in a work sense, i hope to develop more of a creative focus in a role not known for its creativity. Other significant goals and wished for the next 12 months are:
1. healthfull* focus. 
my word for the year is HEALTH. 
Every level, particularly my physical self requires a commitment and attention to detail to enable me to live with vitality and energy to keep up with my own desires.
2. play more. 
including riding my bike, swimming, skating, dancing and laughing.
3. challenge myself 
This is to dare to do that which i am uncertain about,
maybe find a new job in the direction my art takes me.
4. i would like to teach or be taught some more.
take an art class, yoga class, do tai chi regularly and find a writing group.
5. go to France for Christmas
or Perth instead
6. be a better friend by communicating clearly, with kindness and regularity
7. show my love, speak my love, love love, move with love and kiss more
8. my card for the year was FORTUNE, 
i chose to embrace all the blessing coming my way, not resist out of fear
practicing gratitude and sharing abundance
9. cooking in my new kitchen & oven all the time....YUM
10. splashing paint around. Just for me.

I hope i'll be around hear more. 
I hope you are all well and look forward to catching up with your latest posts soon. 

remember to sparkle & twirl*

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