Saturday, January 26, 2013

Australia Day….

The koala who resides in our backyard. 
She has been here all summer.
She sleeps a lot and climbs up to eat the fresh green leaves high up. 
She licks the bark during the rain.
Surprisingly agile and has amazing balance.
In big winds she nestles in the bigger, lower branches.
When a male comes to call there is always  lots of growling and screeching.
She tends to spend more time in the smaller, higher branches, 
as he is too big and heavy to get to her up there.
We have had an education into the life of a koala.

This Australia day may you find peace where you live.
Our family is relaxing and celebrating that we live in a place with no war,
we can afford our home and share food with friends on a gloriously sunny day.
When i pay attention to the simple things of life, i smile.
The koala in the tree has no worries, neither do i. 

sparkle & twirl*

1 comment:

Jez said...

It seems really exotic to have a koala resident in your back yard. Makes our grey squirrel seem even more ordinary. Is it an eucalyptus tree she lives in? If so at least she has breakfast, lunch and dinner on hand. So her only worry will be keeping well high in those branches.