Friday, January 4, 2013

Rodin inspiration…

I too am a thinker.
 While in Paris we went for a walk and found the Rodin Museum.
I can only liken my visit to going to church.
Now i am not being disrespectful of church or religion.
I believe that spirit can be moved in amazing places. 
I was deeply affected here.
Maybe it was the serenity mixed with art and history.
Or the spirit in the garden and the majesty in the sculptures.
 Strolling through the gardens was like stepping back in time. 
Even though the gardens were not manicured and neat in Mr R's day.
The place was just as gorgeous but in a magical, adventurous spirit kind of way. 
Clearly tending  garden was not his thing. Apparently he loved it but it was overgrown.
I imagine like the closed garden in the story "Secret Garden".
 He was an artist. He worked. A lot.
 The house is the museum.
The gardens with large brass replicas scattered about.
 Posed, frozen in time and position.
Having seen children's movies, where the statues come alive after the park closes, many of these would have cricks in their necks and need a stretch.
 These lovely lounge chairs would be a great place to relax on.
This brings me to the point of this post.
During 2012 and our family adventure in France i relaxed, became more of myself, more or the time. 
I was on holidays, no serious schedules, no commitments, no old patterns and every opportunity to take risks and challenge myself.
Coming home is always wonderful. Yet the home i feel in myself is harder to sustain. I am pulled in many directions. I fall into familiar old patterns, take things, people for granted and forget about the relaxedness of just being. 
Instead of focusing on the obvious how does one remain attentive to the big picture?
I love this cheap shot. Thats my kind of quirky humour. Sorry…. 

 I over think, over feel and can be sponge for the energies around me.
I end up being like this sculpture.
2013 is to rejoice.
Yay that i am thoughtful & empathic, sensitive and considerate.
Clear boundaries can make the dilemmas more manageable.

 To simplify, and this picture of my little girl helps.
Simplicity= a girl and a juicy fruit.
Thats all there is.
Moment to moment.

 Some how i think Rodins day was simpler.
But probably not.

I would like to be like this lady, serene and meditative.

I would like to have lots of these moments with my beloved.

This is me rejoicing all year long, as i get a handle on the list of changes and new beginnings coming our way in 2013.

 I feel more contorted like this lady (left) presently...
1. get a new job
2. finish training course
3. settle kids in new school
4. buy new (2nd hand?) car
5. renovate kitchen
6. remodel family rooms
7. paint, create and rejoice
8. find a writing group
9. develop art class & find place to teach it
10. support and be attentive to the hearts and needs of my family
11. plan and create more adventures for us to go on
12. do physical activity ie yoga, tai chi, pilates, gym…
13. document my ordinary and amazing trip around the world this year in words and pictures

No wonder my husband looks more like the man in the photo above.

 I want to go back to the feeling in this place.
Magical & mystical.
 Awe inspiring.


 All embracing. Vulnerable, yet brave.

Old yet creative. 

 In the presence of masters.
Open with the ability to be guided.

As we left i felt i knew this place.
I carry it with me now.
I can create this feeling in my home.
I can remember, just by looking at the  photos.
This is why this is like church to me.
Thought provoking and inspired.
Do you have a place that does that for you?

 Looking back one more time, the detail captures my imagination.
Mrs R opened this window. Called her husband to come in from the cold.
He looks up at her smiles, slowly moves from the roses and enters the house and sits near the open fire.

I love this sculpture with out head, feet or hands. 
Perhaps this is the reminder i need.
There is no need to run anywhere,
there is no need to do many things at once, 
or to over think everything.
If it is possible i too can relax into my life, like in her pose, and rejoice in my clarity and commitment to me and my life for 2013.

sparkle & twirl


Jez said...

Beautiful photos. I love Rodin's work, particularly pieces where figures are just emerging from the 'rock'. I've never seen pictures of the headless lady before, but as you seem to be saying, it is surprisingly peaceful and serene.
That lady in your 'cheap shot' certainly has a cheeky rear end. It seems to be an invitation to fire toy suction arrows at it. (Sorry Rodin).
ART CLASS - you already have a place to teach it. Why not an e-art course. They seem to be very popular, a wide international audience - I did one in 2012 and it was such a success all round for participants and students. Worth a thought.

Jez said...

Sorry, when I say I 'did' an e-art course last year, I meant I followed one, not that I taught one. Any post on my blog labelled Messy Book Club was a fun one, and Lisa's e-course or something like that - you'd see 'Lisa' on the post.

Introverted Art said...

oh beautiful shots. I like Rodin, but can never think of him and not of Camille Claudel...and want to choke him ;-)

danasparkle said...

Thanks, as always for the comments, ladies. I would like to develop my training skills face to face 1st and then i may get brave enough to do something on line.

Camille's pieces were some of the most moving in the collection.