Wednesday, September 12, 2012

New love......

 My last love affair fleeting. Too mean, tough & lacking kindness. Over Roma and now Firenze.


Softer, kinder, simpler. Nothing to prove. Nothing to fight about.

In a city of awe inspiring pink marble, angels abound.

Even the backside of everything looks good.

We enter the sacred and light a candle. By doing they reflect. They get it.
I am brought to tears every time.

We think about those whom we love.

 Even the ceilings have a story to tell.....

An evening to remember...... 
 The heart of Florence.....

Discoveries made together......

Exploration of old worlds, to new eyes.
Taking my son through the Uffizi certainly a highlight for me. 
He was chuffed to see the "3graces" for real not just on his Grammys wall.  

For the grace of it all, we are blessed.
There are hundreds of people here. Seeking beauty, finding surprises around every corner. 
Half a day here has restored our faith in Italy. 
It is truly a country made up of a range of gelatti flavours & colours.
Loving the vino rosso, pizzas, pana cotta, insalata mista, cafe (not americani) and life....

Bella vita.

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