Friday, September 14, 2012

Aged with grace......

This is our journey through some old places.
The weather was low 30s.
The history ancient.
Oh those Romans, they sure did know how to build magnificence.....

 Naples castle in the mid morning sun.

 The gelatti coloured building that i love.

The ruins of Pompeii. 
Shadowed by Mt Vesuvius. It is incredible what they have restored. 
I first travelled here in 1989. They have been working hard at the excavations since then. 
Sandra it is unrecognisable. The level of reconstructing the old 79AD world is great. To walk along streets, see their shops, homes and get a sense of what it was like to live then, is a treat.

Street gouged out by the carriage wheels.

 A place to pray inside a home. The colours of the walls and tiles are still so vivid.

Paint still evident. A work of art in itself.

A road paved with gold for the Italian economy, here. 

Shedding light on times gone by does teach us.
Our tour guide kept pointing out all the "beautiness".
The kids explored, charmed, listened and were happy to return to the modern world. 
The air conditioned bus was relief.
 We chatted to an Aussie couple and the wife and i both had been here before, in '89. I think we were on the same tour, but we didn't get the chance to explore it in great detail. How freaky.

Standing under the pillars of Pompeii's justice arena. 

He was very interested in this place.

The next day off to the next jaw dropping old place.....
Windows to an age i am glad i did not live through. 
 The Colosseum.

 Empty hall ways, pitted by history. If only these walls could talk.
 They find old bits and then tell stories with them. 
Very interactive and interesting.

So much texture.

Our best tip when travelling go see the stuff in the late afternoon/evening.
It is cooler, the light is amazing and there are way less people. 
 Guided tours were great because they were short, everyone go a headset and you could hear what the guide was saying even if you were not standing next to them. The umbrellas, flowers, flags etc that they  hold up are funny. Mother ducks with their flock following behind.

 Fun being Gladiators.

Our version of "Where's Wally?" 
I helped you.

Our discoveries have also included how far you can walk with small little legs, any sugar hit be it a drink or snack will have its pros and cons on the kids, and it is so worth all the challenges going and sharing in these amazing places together.

Until tomorrow, bambini....

sparkle & twirl*

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