Sunday, September 16, 2012

Would you really want to live in a castle?

When one travels through Europe you get a sense that people like their stuff big. 
Some people think bigger is better. 
Maybe for some. 
For me, i like a big building to be a museum, a gallery, an ideal or in a fairytale.
To live in a castle would be interesting....
To photograph one certainly is.

This is Chambord. Fr.

There is majesty here. The building is impressive, 
taking many megalomanics, artisans and centuries to finish.
The gardens, now national parks are serene, tranquil and breathe life into this place. 

Lunch under the old oaks gives pause for reflection.

I am always amazed at the craftsmanship of these places. 
Nothing is ordinary. 
There is a point of interest and beauty in everything.
The largest stair case to the smallest hinge all have flourishes which make my heart sing.

The central spiral stair case had angels in the cornices and twirls that impressed.
Yet how anyone found their way to where they wanted to go is baffling to me. 
And i have a pretty good sense of direction.

 A grand moat is a handy way to keep the neighbours, visitors or enemies out.
Do a spot of fishing in its hey-day, I'm sure.

 The outside of the building is as spectacularly detailed as the inside.
Maybe more so. The effect is impressive.

French Uncle worked on the restoration of this castle in the 1970's. 
He worked with the iron and steel. 
Welding and creating working parts to massive doors, railings and windows.
This was a surprisingly lovely story his son told us. 
He remembered coming with his dad to work on occasion while he worked here. Cool. 

Scollop shell shapes are a big favourite of this area. 
For dinner on this night Auntie made us an entree in scollop shells. Cute.

 The ceilings are so detailed.
Lots of dragons. Reminding you to be on your best behaviour, 
bit like video surveillance of the 16th century.
 The dragon is fierce, combining elements of fire, fear and fantasy.

 Even the drain pipe is extraordinary.

The higher you climb the more you see. The views are spectacular and architecture complex.
The black and white creates an atmosphere which reflects the vast, emptiness of this castle.
The overcast day. The centuries of additions.

Many princes & princesses had holidays here. 
It is not clear how happy they would have been.
This place is no modern resort. 
They still had to keep warm by maintaining fireplaces in which i could stand up in!
Not surprising it was a summer residence where time could be spent in the outdoors. 

 I think our modern family look quite comfortable holidaying here. 
Love the visit, not sure about staying the night. (Not that you can. )
We love our modern castle, thanks. 

Kids think they could swim the moat. 

Me, as a pretend princess, doing the stairs,
having a wonderful time.

sparkle & twirl around the world....

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