Friday, September 28, 2012

A town called Cassis....

A wonderful place for a summer beach holiday.

All roads lead to ......

A sparkling little harbour...

Mysterious archway, now a courtyard wall. 

Interesting alleys, with sky gardens.



The view, day & night.

 Boat cruise to see the calanques, the inlets and grottos along the rocky coast.
Quite stunning, unusual and wonderful.

 Magic on the water.
 Thoughts of home, family who love boats & water, Australian places, far away.

 The rock formations form their own spires, which look like natures churches.
So beautiful.

 The light cracks the heat haze and everything sparkles.

 Splashing through the water, cools our faces and makes us laugh & laugh.

 Evening in the harbour has a wonderful, festive atmosphere.
 Night swimming a highlight for the kids.

 I left a little note for tomorrows sun bathers to discover.

This is the back of one of the most popular boulangeries in town.
 It is hundreds of years old. Been pumping out the "good" bread everyday.
At the front always a line of people. 
Palettes of flour and steel wracks, the open door the only breeze, 
reflecting a working jewel of Cassis.
A special discovery. 

The cafe always good, smiling boy seeing his name on the cup, 
last bite of the croissant and we are done.

*sparkle & twirl


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