Thursday, September 27, 2012

Summer Shutters......

I first fell in love with the shutters looking at my favourite blog.
This lady has a wonderful way of capturing all things Frenchy.
I have learnt a lot from her styling and have been inspired beyond belief.
It was her suggestions about Provence (where she lives) that we booked our accommodation in Cassis.

These photos of mine have been taken around France and Italy. 
I hope you can see why i love them so.
This is only a small selection. 
No doubt there will be more in the future.

 Gelati colours.
Green bendy ones.

Hugging a clock.



 Darker blue, which make me feel anything but blu.

Old brown Italian ones. Look like they would taste of coffee, or chocolate. 

Tell me you don't love the colours?

Understated olive tones.Open or shut, i don't care.

These green ones make the sky look better....

Ageing with disgrace.... 


Unloved, but so lovely....

Prada black.... timeless & classic..... 

 Purple.... can you even believe it.... pitter-pat goes my heart......

I wonder what goes on behind this one?

Keep out the noises of the busy street.... 

Reinforced for strength against the elements....

I hope you can see why the shutters captivate me.
Perhaps now, you too have a little crush.....

sparkle & twirl in a coloured swirl.....*

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