Wednesday, July 13, 2011

How about a nature walk....

have you ever been out for a walk to discover.....
take a walk with me along side a meandering creek...
be open
awaken your senses...

what do you hear?
birds, water, children, the ground under foot...

what do you see?
many unusual fungi
a mini mushroom growing tall & strong in a fallen log
.... does a little fairy live here?....
a tiny world, unseen to us most of the time
until we stop and look, wonder & imagine....

sometimes i feel i have a heart of stone
but i know mostly it is super soft, fragile, vulnerable and resilient....
i didn't get a job that i really wanted last week.
it would have meant i got to create and work in an artistic way, every day.
i have been sad i didn't get it.
it feels like a lost opportunity...
i don't know whats up around the bend.
uncertainty feels tiring.
the path seems long...
no end in sight.
yet i am blessed
great love and support
assurances that something better must be around that corner
encouragement that this experience has been an door being opened
a new path
new possibilities
a new beginning...
beauty, strength & uniqueness is evident everywhere i look
looking inward it is reflected in me
the energy will come back
to move me forward
upward and onto the next possibility...
and we end up here
its been a nice winters day to take a walk
the powerful waters fall
reminding me its all temporary
everything is as it should be
there is always enough
i am enough
i will find what i am look for
the path is so worthwhile, for there is so much to know along the way...

where did your path take you today?

me on my path...

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