Saturday, July 16, 2011


I found this lovely purple A4 sized 2011 diary on sale for a few bucks.
My excitement reflects the magic that has begun because of this book?

i have been very stuck in 2011

until today
i have been clearing boxes, piles, drawers.
clearing clutter feels so good
one little bit at a time
i get distracted looking, reading, reminiscing, considering
all the papers, cards, letters, artwork
you know what i mean?

what does one do with the things that you want to keep?
how do you store it, display it, keep it?
well i am using this diary
not as a diary, but an excellent art journal
i am inspired but web artists, love their inspirations & ideas
so am taking action and creating a document with
my art, feelings, collected bits, photos, notes and treasures
it is so lovely already
i can add to it whenever i like
it is not chronological

it has moved me to paint
my kids took an art class this holidays and i was inspired by the colour
so simple and combines many elements that i like
doing art with my kids over last few days has been

i am an artist
i need to paint
it is so good for me

i highly recommend it....
do your self a favour and start one if you haven't for a while

these are ones i love.....


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Anonymous said...

Good on ya Dana!I'm with you on this! See my latest blog post! :)