Wednesday, April 13, 2011

big day with a focus on the LIGHT...

So today was my 1st job interview since the late '90's.
that is now 2 decades ago!
even though it was 13years ago really.
it crosses over a millennia!!
i do love the sound of that.
but it does make it bigger in my head than it needs to be.
A stay at home mum returning to the workforce.
it went well. i'll keep you posted.
but seriously ladies, how do you do it?
at this point i am daunted by the new challenges.
organising a family with a new job.
"just breathe, and get the job 1st" i keep telling myself.

vulnerability is swirling around me, through me.
surrender is hard sit with.
so today i tried to focus on the light as much as possible.
this is what helped:

hubby's birthday last night
this image stayed in my minds eye
love sparklers, love the light

listened to this all day

i received this lovely "simple mantra"pendant from liz lamoreux
when i saw the word LIGHT i knew it would keep me inspired
i wore it to the interview and felt lighter
i love it

i hope your day was light
may your vulnerability be a glorious cloak that you wear
tie it around your neck with strings of surrender
be brave dear girls
we light the way

no twirls today, feeling a bit dizzy from the newness of it all
sparkling with hope and courage

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Teena said...

thanks for the reminder to wear my vulnerability as a glorious cloak ... and i hope that i wear it well ... have a fabulous weekend ... it is rainy and gloomy outside here ... all the better to sit inside and write my Easter posts ... love ya