Sunday, April 10, 2011

Autumn is here...

Daylight savings has ended. Hello darkness my old friend....
wake up. its dark. 6pm. its dark. and suddenly its cold too.
i love the colours but its hard to let go
of the playful evenings and bright mornings.
the quilts and snuggling and hot chocolates and rosy tea is goooood.

my friend is finding whole galaxies of those gorgeous red toadstools
with white spots in her neck of the woods. i lurve them.
makes me think of all those fairies getting busy,
sprinkling the colour in the fall leaves and dropping the dew drops on every lawn.
magic is in the air.
even though there is less light in the sky.
i feel quite out of practice blogging here.
life has been busy with interstate family spending their holidays with us.
it was nice to have littl'ins in the house again (1 & 3yrs old)
made my 7 & 5 yr olds look really BIG.
great opportunity to practice with the camera.

some lovely things have been happening of late.
Samantha Bennett from the Organised Artist Co.
whom i told you about in March
added my painting and the thank you note
i wrote to her in her last newsletter & blog
it reached out to her 6,000 subscribers. how nice of her again!
from that i have had some happy connection made and
reconnections and lots of new visitors.
so "HI" to you all, its so nice to see you here. feel free to say "hi" back

"remember: the world needs your art"

sadly i haven't had much art to follow it up with
in the last few weeks due to the daily turns of my life.
nevertheless this was a wonderful affirmation
of the connectedness of spirit, art and community.

sparkle & twirl*

see you again soon...


Michele from Pipi La La said...

I love autumn! We used to have fairy rings of toadstools on our farm, they were gorgeous!

Beautiful photos Dana!

Teena said...

i am so excited that you have fairies ... love ya