Thursday, March 10, 2011

a bright colourful flash....

with a few splashes of paint...

inspiration comes from anywhere. mine came in an email. i tend to sign up to receive emails from inspiring people, you know those newsletters. sometimes i get too many and i unsubscribe from lots of them, because the overload and reading is too much. i know that most are just trying to sell you their stuff. some is annoying, some is fantastic.

so today's email from the Organised Artist Company was the very thing that moved me to get my painting gear out. it has been packed away since before christmas.
i have been NOT creating. but one line made the difference.
"remember: the world needs your art"

having just finished Dream Lab & i have been thinking about some of my stuff differently. interesting & a bit tricky. so this too may have helped.

so i say thank you Samantha Bennett & Brene Brown

where did you find inspiration today?

sparkle & twirl


Michele from Pipi La La said...

BEAUTIFUL painting! My inspiration comes from a sudden thought or idea. I have none at present however!

Thank you for the lovely comments on my blog, Dana! ♥

Bev said...

i found inspiration here today! beautiful painting. i love your art dana...i would buy it if you were selling....really, i would. i love watercolor, but i don't do it very well. maybe someday. your art is so whimsical....sparkly and twirly!

danasparkle said...

thanks girls.
your comments mean the world to me.
so encouraging. and from REAL artists.
love your kindness

eliana w alyanak said...

I loved your work. Congratulations on your beautiful painting. thank you for sharing it with us.
Love, Eliana.

Helen Samson Mullen said...

Inspiration was from you today!! I LOVE your art and I got an email from Samantha Bennett and saw your art in it and remembered our time in Dream Boogie together and immediately came to your site. So beautiful! I'm giggling too as I also just finished Dream Lab too - so fantastic! We seem to like the same people!! Love your art and your inspiration! Kindest, Helen

sabine satie said...

Dear Dana,
I loved your artwork so much I had to add it to my "Spring Cleanse" webpage. hope you don't mind. I left your name to give you credit. I help people restore and cleanse but I am also an artist. So appreciated your sparkly picture. Here is were I put it: