Sunday, July 18, 2010

whats going on?

school holidays means long busy days and tired nights. i have not been painting much.
have found an old needlepoint piece and i have loved completing that. there is something calming in the repetition of each stitch and knowing what it is going to look like. i feel like a little old lady pulling out my needlepoint and working away while chatting with the women i have caught up with this week. i know a few little old ladies but they don't seem to make handcrafts, they are too busy travelling, socialising and doing other fun stuff.
my heart has been heavy. i tend to be an emotional sponge when stuff happens. i feel too much, i empathise deeply, and although i cope well, i think a lot about how the other person and their loved ones are doing. i am sad that strong women get knocked by ill health. it is such a blessing when we have strong women and sound health. i hope they will be ok. and with whatever comes may the angels make the pain less, the love grow and stronger hearts for us all.

there are times to be busy and times to rest. harmony is there when resistance is given up, control relinquished, and peace is practiced. off to sleep now to be able to wake up and play another day.

happy 1st birthday to my little nephew, may his big brother turn 7 with all the warmest wishes & love from us all. i hope their presents bring fun, their friends and family bring arms full of love and hugs, and cakes to make them squeal with delight.



Anonymous said...

Hi sparkly lady. Beautiful paintings! Loving the colours a lot!

I am the same as you when people get sick. I over empathise to the point that I take on the illness and become sick too. I am learning not to do this but it is hard! My reiki person has taught me to put them in a bubble of light and to send love but worry less. :)

tammy said...

beautiful paintings. i find knitting and embroidery to be calming. hope your heart is feeling lighter and happier.

Bev said...

hello beautiful friend...just wanted to say hi....i am sorry your heart is heavy...sending you hugs and love..
and i do love your paintings you posted...