Monday, July 26, 2010

Be Kind...

i have needed this as a reminder to myself. as women we can be so tough on ourselves. i keep thinking about the image of Kate Winslets character in the movie Holy Smoke. the image is striking. BE KIND written on ones forhead is sometimes needed.

so to be kind, these are all the things i am glad about today:

* last day of school holidays, and although they were fun, mainly, the children need to go to school!

*this free download - great listen to inspire the feminine & energised

*sarah mclachlan's new album Awakenings


*a great washing machine and the old hills hoist.... this one is tragic (but i love laundry)

*the charades game my husband invented where we have to act out our favourite part of the holidays....mmm

*i have the cutest kids

*my gifted girls who are always there for me, listen to me, lift me and advise me. where would a girl be with out her herd?

*my gorgeous, loving and generous husband, who takes care of us and sometimes tries to be a handyman

*the ladies are revealing themselves to me in some drawings...oooooh

sparkle & twirl everyone,

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Juliette Crane said...

i so needed to read this today! thank you so much for making me smile and reminding me to let my heart soar! your blog is so beautiful and i am so inspired :)

best wishes to you!