Tuesday, July 27, 2010

To be attached....

... to everything is not good.
Nothing good comes from being attached to outcomes. But i ask you, how hard is it not to be. Deepak (read more here) writes a lot about the Law of Detachment. I love it but, boy it's hard to remember. Attachment is sneaky, you don't think its there and then something changes and the disappointment, frustration and grrr are all thats left. so then you know you were attached.

i would love to not hope for outcomes, dream of possibilities or plan for certain things. but i do. i have been conditioned to do this, some western patriarchal thinking actual encourages and rewards this. attachment is not working for me. i was looking forward to something and now it can't happen. its not a major thing in the big picture, just to me. i'll get over it most likely soon after i have purged here. yet i am a bit sad, finding it hard to move on. i am like the petulant child who wants what she wants. my mind is having a little tantrum, cause its not fair. another part of my brain is saying "suck it up, its just not that big a deal". this is also true.

what i have lived through in my short lifespan is pretty easy compared to most of the world and even in comparison to previous generations of my own family lines that have come before me. i have more material "stuff" than any one person needs. i am truly blessed. why do i seem to turn my blessings into a problem? i read a review of this book, which sounds kinda interesting. am i just too spoilt in life and create the problems in my own life because my life is too easy/comfortable? well maybe. but we are all fighting our own battles. to be kind, no judgement, right?

what is the gift here? learning detachment could quite possibly be the answer. so i will practice letting go of my attachment to the hopes and the disappointments and create a new outcome based on an openness to whatever lies before me instead. sounds good. feels good. will keep you posted. oh, by the way how is your attachment? if you have any tips to overcome attachment i'd love to hear your thoughts.

may we all skip lightly through the maze of our own complexities.
kindness is all that matters.
the heart can only take so much.
breathe deeply. exhale more deeply.
dream dizzily of magic and freedom.
it will be ok.

Jewel's "Hands" is also in my mind as a good reminder. off i go to untangle some attachments...



Kaili said...

This is an interesting topic! I agree that too much attachment isn't always wise, but I also believe a certain amount of attachment is good and can be used as a guide. It can show us what's important to us and what we're passionate about and help us to achieve goals, which is a good thing I think :)

Thanks so much for visiting my blog and for directing me to "tongue in cheek" blog :) Hope you're having a great week!

Denise Daffara said...

I have no wisdom to speak of on this topic at this moment... as I'm awake at 2.45am??? why???

Oh... but I doooooo understand and hear you, attachment creates many opportunities for me to 'get over myself'

I love your writing,

xx dd