Friday, September 18, 2009

the boy turns six....

So blessed to have been chosen to be his mother.
He is growing so quickly.
So beautiful.
Very loved.
He is smart & funny, creative & twirly, tall & bouncy.
He likes salty & rainbow everything.
A spy & code breaker, a dancer & director, an artist & friend.
He is loving & thoughtful.
A son, brother, grandson, cousin, nephew & great-grand son.
My wish for him is a sunny birthday, lots of laughter,
play that is joyous, learning that inspires,
peace that is deep, all the colours of the rainbow everyday,
courage to face the challenges ahead, to know how dearly loved he is,
to feel how unique & special he is
and all that his heart desires.
May i be the best i can be in my parenting of you, darling boy.
These are my birthday wishes for you.

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