Wednesday, August 5, 2009

the P!NK day

so this is what happened today.....
well lets start at yesterday, driving my son to school listening to the radio, they were having a competition to win tickets to a concert for the following night.
we listened and tried to guess the location of the pink house in someones driveway in a suburb far away.
we decided that the next day we would do this (today)
but we forgot
i had told my girlfriend about the competition, we shared a love of this performer and had longed to go see the spectacular show we had only heard about.
so she calls me this morning, breathless
she's got the tickets
driving out her driveway she spots the pink house in her neighbours driveway
the radio station man hasn't even come up to her yet
he is standing behind the stobie pole
we are going to the concert tonight
she hangs up
i turn on the radio
they throw to the announcers, who are asking for the next clue for the location and the man from behind the pole informs the listeners that unfortunately for them, (not us) there is a winner
my friend is on the radio
excitedly grateful for the find
how freaky is this
i tell you what, this is called the universe providing
i am shaking and have such an excitement in my body
its exhilarating
off i go tonight to see a spectacular spectacle
i am blessed
serendipity is alive and well
what to wear......

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