Sunday, October 2, 2016

London fair city...

Arrived in London. Sun is shining. Train is fast. Sitting in the appartment in Paddington, the children sleep, the traffic bussels by 3 floors below and I stare out the window at the scrolls of stone on the building acrosss the road. The hospital maybe as old as the buildings in my fair town.
I am told penicillin was discovered there. Wow. It's old and tall and probably no one but me has noticed how lovely the old ordinary London architecture is.
It's ugly and pretty all at once.
Beer and cider at the pub. It's 3am back home. Sleep is knocking on my eyelids. Family greet us and the relief is sweet, like good chocolate. A treat to be met, welcomed and guided. Strangers become dear ones in a smile.
We entered Heathrow like in Love Actually. A smiling familiar face and I was in the movie of my life. It's real I'm here, London, once more. This time with my family, not my cousin, 2 girls 1st time travellers or 2kindy friends ready for a party and adventure. This time to sight see and explore with childlike wonder. Places of kings and princesses, old and classic.

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