Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Around the world....

having travelled around the sun for  four decades, hopefully we get smarter, clearer and sparkly
 i have realised a few things this last year 'round....

  • i like being on an adventure
  • being scared does not mean give up
  • only doing one thing at a time is ok
  • paying attention to the little things makes the world slow downand one feel younger
  • blooming is a slow process, can't you smell the fragrance of joy
  • cloud gazing with a child is one of the best things to do, ever
  • faces are wonderful
  • looking into the faces of those you love feels like home
  • there is not enough glitter and sparkles in the world
  • i am an artist
  • i am free
  • i am blessed
  • i am loved
  • i can twirl
  • simple stuff makes for an interesting life
  • sleep is goooooood

see you in the on going spin cycle......

sparkle & twirl*

ps. still feeling jet lagging in my brain, better posts & more photos to come


Jez said...

You can add another one:
You are appreciated!
I always enjoy reading your posts and seeing your terrific photos.
Such an interesting list of blessings, and I agree with them all.

Paulita said...

I love that you can count your accomplishments with aplomb. I'm sure they'll continue to pile up.

Teena said...

Welcome Home ... Happy Birthday ... what a wonderful journey you are on ... love ya