Monday, November 5, 2012

Friends and the forest...

Our new friends took us on an adventure to a forest just out of the city. 
It has a 2km walking track with many meandering trails.
The kids picked up sticks and then we looked for hidden thing.
These are all the things we saw.
Mushrooms in the undergrowth.
Little red berries.
 Slimy slug as big as your middle finger with orange little feet. Ugly.

 Sun streamed throughout the branches.
We had a picnic and it was very windy, but in here, protected, it was a true wonderland.

 New friends.
 More mushrooms.

 Hiking. Having fun. Playing games.

Due to the rain there was even a swamp.
Nothing like throwing sticks & stuff into the water. 
Splash !
 A little lady bug.

 More mushrooms.

 Then time for some mini golf.

sparkle & twirl *

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