Sunday, September 30, 2012

Water falls...

"In time and with water, everything changes." 
Leonardo da Vinci
 With the big storm yesterday The Garonne filled up. Tonight we returned to our apartment and found the noise of the water flowing very loud. The kids were excited to see what it looked like up close.
so far this has been a mere trickle
now a overflowing torrent.
“Life in us is like the water in a river.” 
-Henry David Thoreau

 Sometimes there are forces that are greater than us.
I watched Kung Fu Panda 2 with the girl
 this morning and loved how mastering inner peace is like juggling a dew drop. 
Can we contain such things?
 I guess if we can hold back the tide of a river. 
Anything is possible.
 Like travelling to the other side of the world, to immerse ourselves in another culture.
We dreamed it, worked hard and then the opportunity came our way.
The people who envisaged harnessing the flow of water from the Pyrenees must have dreamed it too.
Now centuries later the water is controlled to stop flooding and maintain aesthetics and conserve the resource.
We have loved watching the way the water is managed. While it was raining the river level was down. Today, it is as high as wee have seen it in our short time here.

I know my reflection on this body of water is not very exciting, but it is our focus.
We look out over this majestic river all day. Our life has been simplified by being far from all that we know. We notice more about ordinary things and pay attention to similarities and differences.
 The kids, although the same are changing so much. 
They are growing taller, wiser, more mature in some ways.
The boy needs new jeans, again. Everything is getting just a little short and tight.
 Our life flows now, along side this body of water.
I am trying to find my inner  peace here, as i feel "lost in translation" more of the time.
Changing is not always easy, but it is worthwhile.
Soothsayer: "Stop fighting. Let it flow."
~Kung Fu Panda 2

Shifu: But once I realized the problem was not you, but within me, I found inner peace. And was able to harness the flow of the universe.
Po: So that's it? I just need inner peace? My innards are already super, super peaceful. 
So all I need to do is just get this thing going. Inner peace? You're goin' down! 
Now show me what you were doing there with your feet? I saw you do sorta fancy foot thing?
~Kung Fu Panda 2


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