Thursday, October 11, 2012

One day...

1.  Painting, creating, stamping, colours, designing, collage, creativity, mess.
2.  wispy clouds which turn into rain. living on the top floor of an apartment building gives a new perspective on the sky
3.  rain falls. heavy fat drops that soak everything for the shortest time and then the sun comes out again
4.   coffee machine here. good & black and regular.
5.   lunch is leek & lentil soup, just like i make at home, but I'm here. 
6.   my beloveds in the park
7.   a garden of wild flowers in this park, with a sprinkle of colour.
8.   the study of a bridge the vine is turning rusty with autumn cooling the leaves.
9.   a gorgeous wooden horse on a carousel at the local park. restored for our kids to enjoy.
10. two people enjoying their life. Heads tilted in unison. Smiling at the small child taking the picture. happy to be out in the evening, as a little family

sparkle & twirl*


Paulita said...

What a great melange of photos. I love the colors and warmth.

Teena said...

oh so jealous ... wish i was there ...