Friday, October 12, 2012

Guessing game......

would you like to play?
these are some of the images of today.

1. not the breakfast of champions, 
but the breakfast of three bears....
mama bear and two baby bears....
can you guess what was for our petit dejeuner?
(answers are self evident and at the end of post.) 

scroll down slowly, so you can enjoy the game.

 the next item...

can you guess?
2. i am a work of art.

i have an impact on your senses -visual, olfactory & taste...

I am firm, yet soft, 
i am smooth, yet crumble,
i am sweet, yet not too much...
i go great with coffee.
 can you guess?

This is part of our lunch.
3. but we ate it all before i could take any photos,
and it was soooooo good......

this is a stack of yum...

4. can you guess?
i am made of flour & butter & baked with egg, cheese and jambon.
i am good hot or cold.
A great snack for the late afternoon if a late dinner is on the cards.

this is how i look when i come home.
5. clean and with a twist.
can you guess?

6. this one is easy as the paper tells you

sorry to spoil it for you but i just love these happy croissants 
peacefully smiling waiting to fill your tummy
fulfilling their destine
 how cute is this
hugs of love for the croissant...

this brings us to the end of this silly little game.
just incase you need the details:
1. home made semolina porridge with vanilla... mmmm

2. cake of lemon
3. pizza
4. quiche lorraine
5. baguette with the amazing crunch

 finally the cake was served with creme
just like Tata Simone uses
When we were visiting our 90year old French Auntie she served us two massive punnets of fresh sweet strawberries next to the can of whipped creme. we thought it was hilarious. so once we got here and saw the spray cream (which i don't even know if we have in Australia) we got some.
 Just like Tata Simone's.
 I thought it would be a good idea to fill the kids mouths.
they though this was amazing, coming from me. they loved the sensation and the absurdity. 

He wanted more, of course. 
 she couldn't fit it all in her little mouth.
see... all gone

so this was some of our day today
food from our GOOD boulangerie around the corner.
simple but oh so different from home.

sparkle & twirL *

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