Thursday, March 1, 2012

my love...

so i tell my daughter to clean up her room.
she goes off and i think she is tidying.
after a while there is no usual complaining, 
all is quiet so i think i need to investigate.
this is what i find...
she is sitting reading, floating in the mess.
she is in year 1 and loves to read.
is there anything more special than this?

while she was tidying her room 
i worked on my space
my mini gallery above my desk
and i love the freshness of removing dust and those tiny webs.
shining glass and inspiring paintings.
colours that calm and soothe
photos of family from long ago watching over me...

a close up with art by: 
a Broome artisit 'EB'
a framed card "Janine Koconis ~ Colour Study of Wholeheartedness"

art here by:
michele clausen
prague photo (small)
framed b&w card

setting up the market stall in the backyard last weekend

i love the colourful lanterns

table full of card stock

the kids were pooped out that night from helping
my daughter is at that age where she comes out of her room 10 times before she settles for sleep
"im thirsty, hot, not tired, scared……
i go and check on her once all is quiet and to my surprise she is not in her bed.
has she fallen out?
in the loo?
i check her brother…
and there she is, sound asleep.
in the morning my son didn't even know she had come into his bed.
even she didn't remember. lucky i took the photo.

my son asked me "what is ironic, mum?"
i told him …
"it's like me thinking you kids would like your own rooms 
and we are lucky enough to have a house with enough rooms 
that you have your own space and bed, 
but your sister doesn't want to be by herself and she crawls into your bed."
he understood.

*sparkle & twirl



Kristin Dudish said...

This is such a wonderful post - it made me smile from ear to ear :) Absolutely positively precious (I'm so glad you snapped that photo)!


Michele said...

What a lovely post - and it is so nice for me to be able to see my art on your wall!