Thursday, July 21, 2011

painting faces.....

i wrote about being inspired the art of artists who paint ladies here.
i love that their face tell a story.
for the longest time i painted ladies without faces.
then for a while i was not painting anything.
*these school holidays i did art lots of art work with my kids.
we shared techniques. my son showed me how he does faces and i copied him.
these paintings are basic.
i am loving the colours and these little faces are only the beginning.

: my son :
: my daughter :
: inspired from watching the Tour de France (and loving it, those cyclists are amazing) :
also i read this today about kindred spirits:

" - some of them you've never met but you know their poems or have read an article about them, or have seen their paintings and you are instantly in tune with them. It's reassuring to know that, no matter how many people don't know who you really are, there are a few who do, a few who seem to live their lives with a sensibility akin to your own, even if you don't actually know each other in the flesh."
by Caroline Jones "through a glass darkly" 2009
i love this, because i feel this way with some artists i have met on line. it seems so strange and yet so real. i often say to someone if i am describing someone whose work i really like ;
"oh, we would be friends if if we knew each other..." or
"she would be our friend if she'd lived near us...".

so is it just a matter of geography who you know? it is mind blowing that we can transcend the limits of the physical world and soar through the net to visit new friends all the time....

so to you, dear friends
i send you happy, chirpy birds
and fields of rainbow coloured poppies....

sparkle & twirl

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Jen said...

I love this post. Your paintings are beautiful. It's so inspiring and uplifting to visit your blog and to be visited by you. Thank you :-)