Monday, July 25, 2011

A little bit of a crush.....

the cyclists,
the country side,
the courage,
the endurance,
the history,
the late night viewing from down under....
it is hard to imagine how & why anyone would want to ride this race.

it is long & difficult.
these men speed along faster than i would drive in my car
teetering on the edge of vast valleys
with nothing to protect them but some lycra, a helmet and nerves of steel.

and the winner of 2011 is Cadel Evans, an Aussie
i an emotional guy.
the tenacity & resilience
a willingness to push through the pain, endure the intorlerable
and win within seconds of rivals
and the competition is fierce...
but one the last day, they race but as gallant warrior gentlemen heroes,

and although it is a solitary sport, a team is vital,
a strong group of people to count on means that they all win.
Cadel could not have won alone,
talent to lead is his vital racing quality this year.
so i am glad it is over (for now), i can return to normal sleeping.
but my family look forward to January 2012,
when the peloton returns to Adelaide to run the Tour Down Under.
to see these heroes up close and feel the crush again
for the sport of steely lions and gentlemen.

so sparkling *


BushBelles said...

Nice post. They are awesome athletes.

Anonymous said...

wow. a sporty post! love your work...


Paulita said...

Even though I wasn't rooting for Cadel Evans, I couldn't begrudge him his win. He seemed genuinely moved, a truly good sport. I was a Schleck supporter, but anyone is better than Alberto Contador. And I admire everyone who made it over those mountains. Those crashes were horrific.