Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Where does your heart wander?

my dear friend, who is a gift in herself, gifted this book to me, recently.
i read the back cover and cried.
my feeling was that my heart had wandered and until that moment,
i did not even realise it.
isn't that sad?

how long has it been gone?
where has my heart gone?
how do i know how to find it?
with a a lovely cup of tea, sunshine on my feet, i read this book this weekend.
i have started to think about where i might search for my heart.
in the absence of art(not feeling any creative sparks to paint),
i have looked to nature & small daily joys for evidence of my wandering heart.
This book has sparked some dreaming, planning and inspiration.
it is lovely to read of someone's journey, brave and vulnerable.
simply, reflecting truth and beauty.
and there is a little gift at the end, even though the book itself is so special.
thank you Ms Bijkerk.
with gratitude to a wonderful, wandering heart, yours and mine....

p.s. how's your heart, today?


Bev said...

hello dana...
my heart is...healing. my heart had wandered away too, but through art and god, it's coming back. better than ever.
i'm sorry your heart wandered...you need to get it back...i hope this book helps you and i hope that you start making art again. sometimes the spark isn't there, but you have to sit down at the table and just pick up a brush or pen and move it...
love to you dear friend..

Bev said...

i visited pia's blog...lovely, lovely...her photography is stunning. i looked for her book on amazon and it's not available. do you know where your friend purchased the book?