Monday, June 20, 2011

Phases of the moon.....

she is a glorious moon...
we got up at 4am to see this spectacle,
a lunar eclipse.
we are not very experienced with the settings of the camera,
it was a cloudy morning,
but we got lucky.

we set the alarm
gathering big wooly blankets around us
we were excited
we could really see the earth's shadow moving across the moon
we snuggled and watched the show
it did not cloud over for long
it did not rain
when the clouds cleared the moon
looked like this...
due to the volcanic ash from chile
the moon glowed a reddish-orange
there had been so many people inconvenienced by the planes grounded by the ash today
it made the eclipse spectacular!
as the wind picked up, we slid back into our warm beds
smiling at what we had shared
star gazing, i saw a shooting star
the magic was in my young family sharing this wonderful sight...



Bev said...

oh dana, how spectacular! stunning photos, and like you say, what magic for your're makin' memories!

Clare said...

i live in south africa and the moon was also superb down here, magical

Teena said...

photos très maginficent ... bravo

Anonymous said...

*holding my breathe*

how i love the moon and you captured it's beauty. magical. magical.