Friday, September 3, 2010

Anything is possible...

its really windy here, today. spring is blowing in to let us know she is here. don't be deceived by the grey skies and sideways rain, she is no longer on her way.
it is now spring and the winds of possibility are swirling all about us.

when anything is possible, it can feel overwhelming.
expanse, openness, void, space, time, hope and angry sideways rain.
deep down there is a calm place, it is not swayed by whats going on, on the surface.
to rest in the peace of possible is not common.
to quietly sit and hold hands with your dreams makes me feel vulnerable.
so i resist and feel scared of the possibilities waiting for me.
to leap
and not be swayed away from the anchor of my calm centre
will take some attention and practice.
the pull is strong to do what i have always done,
be how i think i should be
& please because everyone else matters more.
as i stand at my gates of possibility there are many options,
an assortment of portals to choose to enter.
to stand back and just watch is not enough anymore.
go for it
be brave
and get back up again
so off i go, lets see what comes

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