Thursday, July 1, 2010

My Muses of......

d i s c o n t e n t

(painting of me by my 4year old daughter)

now, you may think "what the?"
i certainly did this morning when i pulled an oracle card.
doing some self loving and undertaking some new practices and
discontent is not what i wanted to see when i asked the wise cards
what am i open to receive today.

yet when you go deeper and actually read the card i laughed.
of course what it said was just right for me today.
so with gratitude i give thanks.
my muses are telling me
not so frustrated anymore....

listening to Marci in the car, i tried for a couple of minutes to focus on a few deep breaths and get in touch with my heart, open it and receive some self loving and kindness. i'm sure she said it much clearer, but i got the essence of the guided process. i did this at the traffic lights as i raced from one thing to the next and today i arrived everywhere much calmer and happier....
not so frazzled anymore......

the space in my house is clearer and there is room for me, my art and this little lap top...
woo hoo

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