Sunday, June 20, 2010

Sunday is a day of rest.....

yeah right.....

Today was full of life. after collecting some office furniture, unloading that, making a hearty pasta lunch, with fresh baked bread, we then played with balloons, watched some cartoons and napped. the sun came out and we worked in the garden.

oh the blessed weeds. they grow with such vigour. whats up with that? they grow effortlessly in hard clay. with the rain the ground is softer, so weed removal is slightly easier. but i get so distracted, by the creatures, the ladybugs, the fat juicy worms, and these little blue robins with red chests. even the flowers the weeds grow are quite pretty. and the dandelion fluffs are cute. i love those dreamy, floaty little fluffs.

i do think i'm one of those gardeners who buy the books, read the advice, love the gardening shows, however not so good at it. bit like the person with all the cookbooks but just doesn't cook much. do you know what i mean? i don't mind being an imperfect gardener, but i wish i could be one of those ladies who potter regularly. getting into the tasks quickly, spending an earnest hour then going in for a cup of tea satisfied. there never seems enough hours in a day/weekend, especially with an active social life and little kids, who either want to help or need supervision. they are getting easier.

my work today looked like i had barely scratched the surface.
our poor neighbours, drive past wave and grimace as they feel their home depreciates with the jungle garden at the end of the street. we joked this week that the front yard makes our house look like its rented and we are not being good tenants. (hee hee)
they must think i'm weird as i dug, took photos, talked on the phone, sat on the bench, pulled weeds and kept yelling at the kids to stop using the water. (click on the photo to see the larger image)

the kids were having a glorious time under the trampoline as they created their chocolate factory. they were so cute and covered in black chocolatey MUD.
**note to self: make sure children in dark clothes when making mud pies.
pink velour tracksuit not ideal for this activity! (ha ha ha)
they were oh so very busy, creative and best of all, dirty. at the days end, they peeled off the clothes and they jumped into shower and were instantly transformed into pink, warm beanies again. ah...

i was reminded of my childhood memories of playing in the fields behind my family home, with the neighbourhood kids. in the winter the weeds grew taller than we were. we called it caterpillar land. it was a wonderland. i remember coming home at dusk, taking off the muddy clothes at the laundry door and getting into the steaming shower. i can still remember the prickling feeling in my toes and hands as the hot water soaked into my skin washing off the mud and making me pink and warm again.

i was singing the Hippopotamus Song today, the chorus goes:
Mud, mud, glorious mud
Nothing quite like it for cooling the blood
So follow me follow, down to the hollow
And there let me wallow in glorious mud....

we have this funny saying in our family, "gee i'm a lucky pig..." and this is how i feel. we say this because once someone meant to say "i'm a lucky duck" but they mis-said it and said pig, not duck. i guess the saying is because luck & duck rhyme. so pig sounds funny. but to us it is more auspicious. lucky duck is a fluke, a chance fortune. but the lucky pig is blessed. it is grander to be the pig then the duck. now this entry is getting ridiculous, but its been that kind of day.

a day full of blessings, gratitude, weeds, surprises and togetherness. thank God for Sunday. a day certainly set apart from the rest.....

hope your Sunday was sparkly too.....

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