Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Life is funny like that.....

Ever laughed after being freaked out at how things work out? life has this funny way of twisting and turning out just how you never dared to dream it would. so i did the SARK e-course, a big decision, a big outlay. yet worth everything that i received. and the best things were the little surprises not on the itinerary: a connection to a creative community of dreamers, a new friendship which was launched while setting sail from unchartered vulnerabilities, hope, a hunger to paint, less fear to put myself, my art & my perspective out into the world.
my new friend sent me a link to Self Love Studio . i checked it out. it was free and is really good. i loved the interviews. i started doing the things suggested and i feel a freshness. it may just be the beetroot carrot and apple juice i've fallen in love with.
i started thinking about my body as a temple. the last 20years i have not been that good to my temple. and as i go into my 40th decade i would like my temple to see me through another 40. as come to the end of this inspiring path, i feel sad, where will the next spark spring from. i would like to say from with in, but i am not there, yet.
so i explore Christine's site and discover A Madly In Love With Me Kit. Again its free. I am thinking who is this person who is creating these free tools and resources for women just like me. i felt moved to write to thank her for her generosity and spirit. she wrote back to me straight away thanking me for my affirmations. so nice.
But it is me who is so grateful to have found a way to move toward my healthiest, strongest, loving and kindest self. In taking a Summer Retreat (in the middle of winter), from the comfort of my own house i know that i am blessed and on my way.
do you ever feel like you may not be able to hold in your heart or both arms the abundance of the Universe? so i want you to know i do, i do, i do believe in serendipity, fairies, synchronicity, prayers,angels, faith, love and a Universal Wise One. i just have to be open, vulnerable, brave enough to receive all that is out there for me.
i'll be doing some sparkling & twirling round here....


Sleepandhersisters said...

A lovely post... full of hope, I do, I do, I do... believe too.


Michele from Pipi La La said...

Gosh, I am so there! I need to start taking better care of me too! I was raw vegan for 9 mths 2008/2009 and never felt better! I am now fully emeshed in Starbucks, lattes and the cafe culture and tbh do not feel so wonderful anymore!

Anyway .... I do still juice and also have green smoothies. Have you tried green smoothies? Perfect way to get mega nutrition in there!


Denise Daffara said...

well Good Morning gorgeous Dana Sparkle!

I just popped onto my blog thinking... gee, it's been a few days, this is meant to be more regular... but I'm a bit hungover and feeling sorry for myself...

What a beautiful post, it's cheered me up loads, and made me smile and a teeny tiny sparkle and twirl is happing inside, I can feel it.

I haven't been so committed to the summer retreat... but I'm thinking it sounds like I would benefit from another look!

love and hugs to you

thanks for being a very perfectly pinkyliscious inspiration to me today,
xoxo Denise