Wednesday, October 21, 2009

clarity, simplicity, then freedom....

'we may not be sure who we are becoming or where we are going but we are clear about what we dont like and who we dont want to become ... and thats the beginnning of understanding' thanks anon for your quote.

i'm getting good at knowing what i don't want. it seems a negative way of approaching life, and yet it works. by eliminating certain things, what's left is more manageable and what i desire comes into focus. we live in a time where choice is overwhelming. the details we have to pick from , to buy a sandwich is mind-boggling.... the simplicity that comes with less is very appealing. greater choices came from greater freedom, yet the vast choices are too much and we have to practice freeing ourselves and moving towards a simpler life.
weird, huh?
my brain hurts now.
sparkle & twirl

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