Sunday, August 30, 2009

play the glad game......

really love the glad game. we watched Disney's Pollyanna 2day. it is soooo very good. this is my favourite scene. when you have 10mins to spare check it out. if you have 2hrs to spare get the movie.

i love this site and answered the questions on this blog. i love browsing my fave sites and discovering a question that may be posed to the world. and for my own contemplation i like to work out what i might answer, sometimes i even answer. like today..

So what do i trust, am grateful for and inspired by:
*trusting that God's plan means that life will unfold for my highest purpose and i will get it, eventually.
*grateful for my family who teach me about the best person i want to be
*inspired by the creative communities shining through my computerscreen on the blogs, websites, online stores i have discovered by serendipity, helping
me to explore my world with an artists eye

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