Tuesday, July 21, 2009

new life...

the birth of a baby is so wonderous

how can a child fresh into the world be able to evoke so much feeling from us old souls
does some old part of us remember?
do we see all the unlimited potential, love and beauty in such a vulnerable, new little life?
my heart burst open this week with the birth of my 2nd nephew
i am so pleased for us all
my daughter at 3 holds her cousin like she was an expert baby holder
and to see a 6year old fill with pride, protection and love as he just wanted to sit next to his brother instead of playing with his peers, takes my breath away
how blessed we are, that he came to stay, safely in is mothers loving arms and my brothers huge rough hands
hands that build houses, yet hold this little person so tenderly
i am in awe of this grace
what a sparkle*

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