Thursday, July 9, 2009

a bit about me...

Melisa Loves has a “tea & talk” on her blog.

I love her questions so here are my answers:

What are yours?

1. Everything I treasure:

a) my family

b) time to myself

c) sparkles & twirls

2. Non-living things I treasure:

a) my home

b) things of beauty

c) creative things

3. Favorite time of the year:


4. Favorite thing to wear:

5. Are you a perfume wearer:

Not really

Top 3 smells:

a) most food

b) babies

c) sunshine

6. Favorite animal:

7. Top 3 events in my life:

a) birth of my children

b) our wedding

c) all my travelling

8. 3 Small pleasures:

a) good coffee

b) checking on my sleeping children every night b4 I go to bed

c) driving in my car alone with my fav music playing …loud

9. Top 3 places visited in the world:

a) france

b) canada

c) upstate NY

10. Top 3 favorite sounds:

a) laughter (my children in particular)

b) sunset

c) sleep

11. Top 3 favorite things to eat:

a) chocolate

b) Mexican food

c) Marc’s risotto

12. 3 Favorite web favorites:

a) paintings by kelly rae

b) photos by maine momma

c) everything french by corey amaro

13. 3 small ways somebody has made your day lately:

a) marc making dinner 2night 4 the kids then taking me out

b) my new bookmark by henri

C) teena coming to me for a weekend getaway in the city

14. 3 small habits:

a) bit bossy

b) straightening towels

c) making cards

15. Describe your life: (Use six words only)

PAST: optimistic, independent

PRESENT: creative

FUTURE: hopeful, pleasantly surprising

17. Favorite books, film, music:


a) Guernsey Literary and Potato peel pie society

b) Phryne Fisher mysteries

c) way of the peaceful warrior


a) Family Stone

b) Sex & the City Movie

c) Serendipity


a) the weepies

b) sarah mclachlan

c) soundtracks

18. 3 Hate words:

a) belittle

b) war

c) violence

3 Love Words:

a) beauty

b) serendipity

c) authentic

19. Future plans:

Create my best life, with my 3love words

20. Best advice heard:

“If you have seen him eat, drunk and asleep and it does not make you sick then marry him” my great grandmother’s advice to my mother regarding marriage in 1968.

21. Favorite quote and why:

“And above all, watch with glittering eyes the whole world around you because the greatest secrets are always hidden in the most unlikely places. Those who don't believe in magic will never find it.”

*Roald Dahl

I love that he writes children’s books because this attitude is important to foster in children and adults alike.

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