Wednesday, March 4, 2009

just a bit stuck....

i'm in a bit of stuckness. 
that is heavy and sticky, or tricky. 
leap into action. this is what is required.
 this is not happening. 
even to blog daily has not happened. 
my being a beginner has wained. 
there is chaos & untidiness all around me.
reflecting my state, i guess.
i spend a lot of energy tiding, cleaning and there is always more.
distraction from that which my heart desires.
i long for space. free space, empty space. inner space.
ok, acceptance of the limitations leaves me distant from my heart.
busy in the doing, tired from the chores.
i would love to find the sacred in the mundane, but i don't
small steps
one pile at a time
*big sigh*
                not so twirly and a bit tarnished *

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

great photo for someone so stuck ... well worth re subscribing to pic site ... even in the stuck remember the times you have sparkled and twirled ... you will get it back someday and then forget that you lost it ... love TKJ