Thursday, March 19, 2009


who knew that with the erruption of a underthe sea volcano i would feel better.
clearly other things have played their part
surprisingly a big cry, bottom of the barrel stuff, all alone in the cavern of my mind, helped
as well as a deep well of women friends who are relentless in reaching out their wide open hearted embraces across then miles. where would a girl b without her friends? i heart my friends
i feel ok today
but am going to see a professional next week too
i have continued in this muck to dabble in creating, brewing arty ideas and holding on to those tiny threads, my only hope when everything else seemed pointless
and those 2 beautiful faces for whom i want to be my best for, who ask to be tickled, while they hang upside down from the couch, just because it makes them laugh
they are my greatest teachers, they are divine magnificent little beings
maybe the spaarkle is coming back

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