Friday, November 21, 2008

I love my loves....

a sports day to remember

non competitive, all achieving, very encouraging, supportive, friendly, happy time

children are so fantastic. they play and throw themselves into everything. they become such a part of the activity they are undertaking. the beaming little faces full of pride, some sunken with disappointment, others discovering the mud & puddles nearby, boys teasing girls, girls ignoring the boys. they are five and it has begun. they are of the world and in it.

i send blessing and angels to the champions of today, their little siblings who so wanted to be in it, the families cheering despite the changeable weather, and those who were unable to be there.

i send special prayer for children in the world who only dream of this kind of experience, due to factors outside of their control, they may never feel the wind on thier face as they run a race or the scratch on their knee from green grass, the thrill of trying to master a skipping rope or to receive a certificate of participation.


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