Wednesday, November 21, 2012

The good bread....

 What does one say when they are leaving a little bit of their hearts behind?
We are on our way home. This time next week we will in our own home. Surrounded by our own people. We will be us but with such an amazing suitcase of memories & experiences.
This place will be on thing we will miss.
 The crispy, buttery goodness.
The fork-tongued bread which invites you to break off a little endy for the walk home. 
 The variety. Each with its own flavour, texture and crunch.
We are bread snobs now, for sure.
 Gifting this food was always a delight.
Even the time we were invited to lunch on a Sunday, so we bought the chocolate mousse cake (for 8-10) Saturday. Only to receive the call late that night as their child was very sick in hospital.
Sadly we ate chocolate cake for 3days. 
Kids loved it when i said, 
"Sure you can eat it for breakfast."
Only in France.
 I loved the Millefeuille.
The 1000 crispy layers of pastry separating the creamy custard.

 Divine raspberry creme macarons.

 Tarte au Pomme.

Aurevoir, Madame Serres
Your kindness and generosity made this little family feel well nourished in so many ways by you & your girls, daily.
They helped me with my pronunciation of the pastries and always wished me a bon journe. 

sparkle & twirl, but not while eating french bread.
then only sparkle.
twirl later.


Paulita said...

Parting is such sweet sorrow (I'm pretty sure I made that up), but parting from bread and patisseries, that is heartbreaking. The only sweet part is the part you are leaving behind. Safe travels. Hope you keep blogging.

Jez said...

You absolutely make my mouth water with this post. Oh those French goodies - I remember them so well from holidays in France.

Here in UK at least anything labelled French bread, croissants or patisseries NEVER tastes anything like those in France.

Good luck with your move - and what wonderful memories you have to store for the years ahead.

Jez said...

Sorry I haven't been commenting recently. I lost you for a while, but am glad to find you again. I have joined your site, and will add you to my own blog list. Good luck.

danasparkle said...

Thanks for your comments. *

danasparkle said...
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