Monday, November 12, 2012

Looking up & down....

Here in France we find ourselves looking up and down. There is lots of visual candy at eye level. The little surprises and magic, however seem to be just out of eye shot. So it takes longer to walk anywhere. My family are used to walking ahead when we go out with the camera. "Come on Mum!", they call back. I can't help it. It is so different from home. Also the fact that it is autumn makes it divine to me. You may have noticed my adoration of the season. In our home town the weather changes but you have to look hard to notice the change in seasons. In Europe the changes are distinct. Each season has its own characteristics. As we meander through our last weeks here, i am taking in every image, experience and ordinary miracle. I am capturing as much as possible to take home with me.

 Toulouse is doing  a really big Christmas light display. It is to thank all the community for their patience in lots of construction & road works. Of course it gets turned on the day we arrive back in Australia. Ces't la vie. Pictures will be grand.

 In the parcs they grow wild flowers in little field-patches. 
Super cute. They are nearly all gone. Replaced with winter plants.
I like how the wilting, paler, rain-stained petals look.
These flowers are coming to an end, like this adventure. 
That's how it is. Not less, but lived.

 The old hydrangea petals look like butterflies.
 The kids threw acorns, the ones with little hats, flowers and leaves into the lake.
Bloom floating in the reflection of a grey sky.

 Then there are fish floating in the cement paths around a big church.
Leaves like bubbles next to the etchings.
Stars on fences to protect the church.

 Detailed mosaics from long ago.
Withstanding the centuries and the feet of many pilgrims.

A starry sky in the church. Love this so much. 

The footpath stained with oil. 
A mural of rainbow colours, which also happen to match Miss Six's glitter skirt. 

Blooms like starbursts. Delicate, yet hardy. 

I call this one cherubs with a prehistoric "Elmo". 
Kids laughed. At the Musee

 The doorway above a cafe.

 Pink cloud at the end of an afternoon in the city.

 Loved the wrought iron but only noticed at home the painted ceiling in the driveway.

We just don't light up the street in Australia like this.
Lamp post at dusk.

Walking home, the river is gorgeous. 
But I love the wall.
Chipped, mossy and ancient.
The wall gets to watch the changing Garonne everyday, 
many captivated passers by lean here, lovers steal kisses against it.
Beware.... always look further down, as dog bombs lay in wait, in the shadow of the wall. 

Remember to look up and down where you are.
You may be surprised to see things you never noticed.
Or come back here and i'll show you some more of what i see. 

sparkle & twirl*


Louise said...

What a wonderful post! I feel like I've been on a walk with you and your family. How wonderful your time in France must be.

Esme said...

thank you for the photos.

Paulita said...

Lovely images. I like the leaves serving as fish bubbles.

Michele - Just Pipi said...

Your time in France sounds lovely! Lucky you!

danasparkle said...

thank you for your lovely comments. *