Monday, November 19, 2012

Knock, knock.....

Whose there?

Love these door knockers.
Does your door have one of these?
This one is well used as the forefinger is shiny & silver from wear.
These are thought to keep "evil" away.
In the big apartments i think they are just to alert someone in the building that someone is there.
Modern times have replace their function with buzzer buttons and pin codes.
The door knockers remain. Sigh....
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Paulita said...

Dana, Did you get one of these to take home with you? I've seen people who frequent the brocante in France find these there all the time. You could take a little piece of France home to your front door.
(I changed the Mister Linky that was on my post and re-entered your name. Hope that's okay)

Louise said...

I love the door knockers of France. That's such a great idea Paulita to buy one to take home. A perfect souvenir. They're so much better than buzzers. I do need a new front door anyway....

danasparkle said...

i have seen them in the bricolage (hardware store), but they are super heavy. May be next time i will send a big container of French love & stuff home. hahaahaha
thanks for the comments ladies. x