Wednesday, October 17, 2012


i have not been that arty here for a while.
travelling can keep one busy
yet all the while i have been so super inspired
and now the exciting part for me is that i get to hang out with my kids, and be creative....
i don't have to go to a job, i don't have to meet schedules, no drop-offs or pick-ups.
playing games and searching for gorgeousness everywhere.
of course anyone can do this.
lots of people do, just where they are.
but there is something to having fresh eyes in a foreign place and see things for the first time.
so these are the images that have been uncovered along the way.....

She offers peace & guidance. Calm & surrender.

I love going into the old churches.
You just never know what amazingness will be in there.
We find ourselves going to churches, often on a sunday, on our way to the markets.
We don't stay for the service, however we give thanks.
I have a sense that the divine is caring for us during this grand adventure.
Some our games are about seeking signs to see if we are on the right path.
Regardless of what the signs are, i know we are.

We look to the streets, the skies and smells to lead us to our next adventure, meal or destination.

 When walking in the main square we discovered these little lights. 
They are not just lights, they are pretty, stencilled with snowflakes.
I love this.

A star sign brass mural on the ground near by has a similar detail.
A speck of green glass, washed up on the edge from the ocean of cafes.

My feet were happy to stand close to a heart, left by a recent wedding party.
They do this crazy (loud) thing here that if you are on your way to a wedding, 
you toot your car horn as you drive through the streets. At first we thought there were lots of angry, impatient drivers. We have learnt to expect tooting most weekends. "Wedding" we chorus.

 So this what my paintings are looking like lately.
I am doing some online activities to give me ideas, focus & tasks to complete.
to acknowledge the brave, ordinary things we are doing.
word for week1 is Courage

 We have shopped at the 2nd hand stores, markets for old books, music manuscripts & magazines.
We cut, collage, paste, then paint & colour. 
The word for me this year is BLOOM.
so here i am in France, blooming...

listening to this right now

sparkle & twirl*


Paulita said...

Loving all the color in your paintings. Are you homeschooling your kids in France or are they on summer vacation?

danasparkle said...

thank you for your comment. we have school work with us, but we are doing more life-schooling. vacation adventures with learning about the world, art, culture, foreign lands and language. Wonderful. thanks for asking. D*

Teena said...

i see such excitement in your paintings ... love ya

Anonymous said...

Hello can I reference some of the material here in this entry if I reference you with a link back to your site?

danasparkle said...

yes, i have now added a note about this on my sidebar. thanks for asking. Welcome and i hope you like my work.