Wednesday, September 19, 2012


All our troubles seemed so far away....

We went to Disney Park in Paris.
 It is not very cool or cultured.
But i loved it.
It was so much fun. Sharing with my kids made it even better.

One of our favourite movies .....
 So we had lunch here....

And Remy (a little animated puppet) made an appearance. Super cool.

 I looked like this, a bit of the time. When i didn't look like this, i felt like this.
We just kept running from place to thing. Squealing with delight. Until about 7pm, when we timed out. 

It was the park's 20th anniversary this year so it was all very festive.

It was a cool day, not too many people and manageable queues.
The rides were wonderful, the parade colourful and bright.
 Mickey was there. "Oh Mickey, your so pretty, you don't understand, 
you take me by the heart when you take me by the hand....."
Magic was in the kingdom.
Sparkling everywhere on a special boy's day. 
 Best day eva, Mum.
 Loved every minute of it.
 The girl was gorgeous, as ever, skipping from one thing to the next.
Her best ride.... the spinning tea cups.
I love that i got to be a big kid too for the day.
Hubby carried the bag and watched us go on ride after ride.
We had super fun with our friends. Shared fun is tripled, for sure.

sparkle & twirl*

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