Wednesday, August 29, 2012

The journey has begun.....

We are on our way.

A foggy morning couldn't dampen my spirits. The boy had slept 12hours after being quite unwell yesterday. Nothing like a fever & virus to threaten a trip of a lifetime to France, 18months in the planning. He felt better, so did i. We were off. A warm send off at the airport and no tears. Not many. I cried yesterday from the worry of a sick kid, and realising i have become a dog person. I was sad that we were leaving the dog. She is in good hands with Grammy and will be well loved and looked after, but it was the feeling of missing. 

I love to travel. In my pre-family-life i loved nothing better than creating opportunities for travelling adventures. I worked hard, and had the fortune to go to may countries and have the adventures of a life time. This is another adventure, in a different form. I am loving seeing the kids experience, yet their questions and demands every few minutes is frustrating. It took me 3 hours to watch a 87minute movie. We had great seats. 4 across the centre isle. The time did fly. Pun intended. But there is so much to do on modern planes that we hardly had time to be bored. 

All the generous gifts the kids received kept them busy between all the watching, playing and eating. The best thing i bought for the trip were these flat plastic water bottles. The airline attendants could fill them on the plane and we had water the whole trip. The thing with security that totally has given me the PIP is not being able to take any fluids over 100ml on the plane. Total frustrating and insane. I already lost my 150ml moisturiser at the gate. Oh the humanity. 

Other stuff I'm loving is the gorgeous uniforms of the Singapore Airlines staff. The women are all so beautiful. 
The little individual screens rock. The choice of viewing makes me wonder if i will get to watch all the shows i want to see. 
Changi is a grand airport with great shopping, butterfly garden and big Koi. Kids having a great time. Too excited to rest. Back on the plane soon. Let hope sleep comes easily.
Kids laughing and happy. Mum & dad too.

I have learnt that 2pairs of jeans weighs 1kg and can make luggage over acceptable allowance. Little kids have to learn how to blow bubbles with Hubba Bubba Gum. Boys are so messy and sticky. You can never have too many wet wipes. Little girls go to the toilet a lot. Hand luggage has a weird way of increasing while you sit still. I still love everything about travelling, except the toilets. 

Time to pack up and go to the plane. Nitey nite...

Sparkle & Twirl****

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