Thursday, June 28, 2012

Feeling Brave….

Its school holidays and we went off to see the latest kid flix. 
Lucky i love 'em, cause they are the main kinds of movies i get to see these days. 

This one is wonderful. Mystical, fierce and heart-centered. The best kind. 
Last movie i loved like this was Tangled and you can see what i thought of that here.

The highlight for me was the Pixar short movie "La Luna" before the feature began.
 Simply took my breath away. Who thinks of this stuff? Such gentle imagination.

These films are for boys and girls alike. For us Mums we get to escape and open our  childlike-wonder, suspend our disbelief. And for a while in a dark theatre with our children beside us we too are riding horses, following sprites and imagining it is all possible. I love it. 
N.B.There are some big bear growls, so little ones might like to wait for the DVD. 

I have not been in this blog space for a while. 
I am in my life, fully, messily, hopefully and consciously. 
I am practicing my painting, being tender-hearted and being a student. 
I miss the wonderful stories, connections and inspiration but am glad for some distance. 
I will check on you from time to time, so keep well, be brave and practice tenderness.
 my latest Princesses
 work in progress 

Being brave is something that takes lots of practice. Like anything we get better at it with practice.
 It takes courage to be brave everyday in little ways. 
Trust, faith and openness need perseverence. 
Vulnerability, curiosity and playfulness require a gentle braveness.
 Little steps each day. 

Be brave and feel amazing.
Change Your Fate….

Sparkle & Twirl

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Teena said...

I think you are very brave everyday ... love ya